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How did we get here?


White Hart Street Baptist Chapel was built in 1790, and Cawston Road Brethren Chapel in 1891. It was in 1993 that these two churches joined together to become one congregation called Emmanuel Church Aylsham.

Who are we?

We are a contemporary free church and seek to enjoy and express a variety of worship and teaching styles.

We are a group of Christians and part of what the Bible describes as 'the body of Christ.' We seek through the power of the Holy Spirit to serve the Lord Jesus daily.


‘Showing, Sharing, Serving, Jesus now’


We aim to show Jesus in all we do within the church and community, to share our faith in God through the Lord Jesus Christ and to respond to his call on our lives in serving others.


We follow the teaching and commands of Jesus by, gathering together for worship, prayer  & praise and celebrating communion together.

Learning together as we study the Bible and encouraging each other in our faith.

Proclaiming the gospel and helping others understand what it means for them.

Serving the community and showing a concern for the government of our nation and the broader physical and spiritual well-being of the whole world.


Caring for others happens across the church without being under any particular banner and long may it continue! 


However there are also more structured ways in which we seek to show care and demonstrate God’s love to others.

e.g. Visitation, Prayer, Home Groups, Space 4U, Cosy Cafe, Men's Breakfast, Food Bank.

Contact us for further details.

Listen to what it is like to experience God's love.

Real accounts of what it is like to receive God's love and truth into our lives.

(The video is from a Catholic brother, speaking about God's truth and LOVE knowing no boundaries)

Want to know more?
The Alpha Film Series is a global, updated and engaging resource designed to take people on a journey to explore the basics of the Christian faith. 
Youmay want to look at an intro video for Alpha. (copy URL into your address bar)

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